Welcome to the PMA Hinirang Class of 1987


The PMA Class of 1987 is part of the long gray line which started in 1902 when the Philippine Military Academy was established tracing its roots as the Philippine Constabulary Academy.

In April of 1983, 300 applicants from the 856 who passed the entrance examination qualified for cadetship and reported to Fort Del Pilar, Baguio City, the home of Asia’s premiere military academy, the Philippine Military Academy.

For four long years, these young men hurdled the rigorous military training and an exacting curriculum developing the intellectual, physical and moral fiber of each member. It was no easy task and on March of 1987, the 149 strong Hinirang Class of ’87 formally graduated and joined the ranks of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Coincidentally, of the 149 graduates, 87 were from the original 300 who joined the Corps of Cadets in April of 1983.

Although without a precise translation in English, Hinirang means the chosen, the anointed, the proclaimed and the honored. The name Hinirang embodies the aspirations of the Class to be professional soldiers, serving God, country and people, a common cliché but true.

Living up to its name, PMA Hinirang Class of 1987 stands above the rest being the only class to produce three (3) Medal for Valor Awardees, the highest military award. Since its inception in 1902, there are so far only eleven (11) sons of PMA who were honored with this award for conspicuous courage, gallantry, intrepidity and risk of life above and beyond the call of duty.

Hinirang, a Class with simple dreams but with firm beliefs, great and noble ideals of service for country and its people.


1. Total number of members:

a. Philippine Army 42
b. Philippine Air Force 9
c. Philippine Navy 16
d. Philippine National Police 39
e. Corps of Professors 4
f. Philippine Coast Guard 3
g. Philippine Marine Corps 3
h. Business Sector 21
i. Honorary/Associate 36
j. Deceased 14

2. Hinirang Incorporated is duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission with Registration Number ANO94 – 00004586.

3. The members of the Class are distributed all over the 17 regions of the country including CAR and NCR. We also have eight (8) who are now based in the US, one (1) in Canada and one (1) in Indonesia.

4. The Class also boasts of having eight (8) Law graduates – all passing the bar exams with their first attempt. Some are now with distinguished law firms. We also have six (6) engineers and one (1) architect. In the field of politics, we have associate members in the Senate – 1, Congress – 2, and the Executive Department – 3. A number of members are with the Business Sector holding top positions in companies like Bayer, Asian Aerospace, Phillips Electronics, Coca Cola Export, Globe Telecom, Standard Chartered and the Yuchengco Group of Companies.

5. International/National Awards which the members have received are:

a. Medal for Valor Custodio Parcon, PN(M); Cirilito E. Sobejana, PA; Eduardo M. Lucero, PA (Posthumous) – 3
b. Ten Outstanding Philippine Soldiers (TOPS) – 2
c. Ten Outstanding Philippine Policemen (TOPP) – 4
d. Ten Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) – 1
e. SouthEast Asian Games Silver Medalist (Fencing) – 1
f. International Award of Honor, International Narcotics Officers Enforcement Association (INOEA) – 1
g. National Judo Champion – 1
h. TaeKwonDo National Intercollegiate Champion Team – 8
i. Best Player National TaeKwonDo - 1

Video shows class president Rainier Espina presiding over a meeting with the different chapter representatives (clockwise from L: Ace de Asis, Army Group; Joey Absalon, Air Force Group; Bob Ancan, Army Group; Tom Apolinario, PNP Group; Eugene Gepte, Class Secretary; Rainier Espina, El Presidente; Andy de los Reyes, Associates and Honorary Group; Judiel Morfe, A & H; Ringo Licup, PNP Group; Joby Bacordo, Navy Group and Pink Floyd, foster father and council of elders chair) at the Camp Aguinaldo Golf Clubhouse.

PMA Hinirang Class of 1987, PMAAA, Camp Gen Emilio Aguinaldo, Quezon City
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